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Privacy Policy


We are delighted to work with you and assist you in the development of your career. As you might expect, in order to provide our services, we collect and use information about you.

Zeo Consulting is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement describes your privacy rights in relation to the information about you that we process, as well as the steps we take to protect your privacy. We know it can be lengthy, but please read this Statement carefully. Below is an index so that, if you prefer, you can directly access the sections that interest you most.


1. Some terms to keep in mind.


First of all, we need to clarify how we use some words in this Statement.

It may seem obvious, but in this Statement we will refer to you as "candidate" or "you."

When we talk about "we" or the "Company" we refer to Zeo Consulting, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. To develop Our Activities the Company uses various computer systems. In some cases the Company provides a Portal ("The Portal") for its candidates or employees. The Portal may allow you to update your own data, such as your contact details or bank details and, if you have worked for one of our clients, the hours worked.

Lastly, this statement refers to information about people (like you and your family). It contains data and also opinions about you and opinions that you have expressed (for example, “I like football”). This is not information about the Company (although both may occasionally occur). This type of information is sometimes referred to as "Personal Information", "Personal Information" or "Identified or Identifiable Person Information", although we use the term "Personal Information" throughout this Statement.


2. What personal data do we collect and use?


The personal information that the Company collects includes, among others, the following data:

  • Your name, place and date of birth, contact and training details (studies, courses and internships) and any other type of information that you may have included in your CV;

  • If you register on our Portal using LinkedIn or any other social network: your profile data;

  • If you contact us, we may keep a record of such communication;

  • Ratings about you by our staff and third parties you have worked with and other information about reviews; We often also keep evaluations that you have made about others, being personal information about you since, after all, it is your opinion;

  • We may collect information about your use of our systems, including, but not limited to, your IP address, browser, timestamp, location, country, page entries and other data communications and the resources you access. This information will make it easier to use our systems in the future;

  • Details of any disabilities or accommodations that we need to make for you on the job;


3. Why do we use personal information about you?


The Company collects and processes personal information to:

  • Providing you with the support you expect, such as finding suitable roles for you to work on, helping you with your training, or easing the process of requesting new roles. This includes keeping you informed of future job opportunities by email, phone, mail, and other means of communication;

  • Develop and improve our systems or processes; this mainly takes place in the context of new computer systems and processes, so information about you will be used to test them when fictitious data cannot reproduce the operation of the new computer system;

  • Carry out statistical and analytical studies and research, for example, to compare the effectiveness of assignments of external workers with clients between different business sectors and geographical areas and try to identify factors that may influence the differences found;

  • Communicate personal data to third parties (see below);

  • When necessary, comply with legal obligations;

  • In case you are working for the Company, to develop our obligations towards you as your employer.


4. Do you have to provide us with the personal information that we have requested?


The delivery of your personal information is a necessary requirement to, in the first place, be able to provide Our Activities and, if necessary, enter into and / or maintain our contract with you.

If you do not provide us with such information, we will not be able to carry out Our Activities or recruit or further interactions that are necessary with you or, at least, you may not be able to participate in certain processes such as assessments or professional development which may not be in line with your contract with us either).


5. Do we process information about you without any human intervention?

If we do it. The company uses automated systems / processes and decisions (such as profiling) to provide you, and our customers, the services you request. For example, when our clients are searching for job candidates, we may conduct a search of our candidate lists using automated decisions to build a listing.



7. Use of Cookies


We use "cookies" to collect information about user behavior. Cookies are small text files that your web browser places on your computer's hard drive. They allow us to record anonymous data about user behavior, for example, and information about which browser our visitors use. We do not use cookies to collect personal data or other information related to our users.

This information stored by our web servers includes information related to browsers, operating systems and the IP addresses of the computers used to access the Web Site. The IP address can provide information on the Internet service providers used and the geographical areas. In addition, our web servers will record the website that our users visited before visiting the Web Site, as well as the date, time and duration of their visit. At no time is this data attributed to specific users.

Cookies help us improve the Web Site and offer a better and more personalized service. You can refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to refuse the storage of cookies. This will remove all details from the cookie. However, if you select this setting, you may not be able to access certain parts of the website or use certain functionalities. Unless you have adjusted your browser settings to reject cookies, our systems will issue cookies each time you access the website. Please note that another website of interest linked here may also use cookies, over which we have no control.

If your equipment is shared by other people, we advise you not to select the "remember my details" option when a Service offers such an option to store certain information entered by you.


8. What actions can you exercise?


Request for access and obtaining a copy of your personal information

You can request information on whether we process any of your personal data. If so, you can access your personal information and certain information about how it is treated. In some cases, you may request an electronic copy of your information from us. If there is a Portal, we encourage you to access and update the information yourself.

Request for rectification of personal information

In the event that you show that the information we hold about you is not correct, you can ask us to update or correct such information. If there is a Portal, we encourage you to access and update it yourself.

Information suppression request

If there is no reason to keep or process the data, you can request that we restrict or stop processing, or delete, all or part of your personal information.

Opposition request

You may object, for reasons related to your particular situation, to the Company's treatment of your data.


If you wish to exercise any of the above actions, please send an email to . When contacting, the Company may ask you to identify yourself properly before proceeding with your request.




9. Do we carry out monitoring of your personal data?

To the extent permitted by law, Zeo Consulting reserves the right to audit, monitor and record the access, use and content of any data that it has or is processed by its computer systems. We carry it out for the purposes indicated above, but we inform you in this section so that you are aware that your use of computer systems at work may be monitored.


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